Dubai expo 2020

Dubai expo 2020

Emirates & Europe Business Development Cluster

Emirates & Europe Business Development Cluster was formed in response to the expectations, which have arisen from both sides. It pursues the aim of integrating Emirati and European business environments in all ways possible, through the enhanced modern methods of communication. Being a leader on the market, the Cluster strives to not just maintain the economic progress of two trade giants, but also to create favorable ground for undertaking entrepreneurial profitable ventures. EEBD is a unique entity, which earned its reputation and wide recognition thanks to rich experience, great achievements and extraordinary approach towards all activities taken.

EEBD is an international cooperation organization, operating as a bridge, which aims at uniting the two sides. Its activities based on associating and supporting member institutions: enterprises, governmental units, researchers and scientists interested in investment cooperation in the field of:

  • Financial products and services,
  • Innovative technologies,
  • IT market,
  • Energy,
  • Waste management,
  • Agricultural and food industry,
  • Real estate industry,
  • Transport,
  • Tourism,
  • Military technologies,
  • Medicine,
  • Culture and art.

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Cooperation with us

Obszary Dzialności

Areas of Activity

Financial products Produktów i Usług Finansowych
Innovative technologies Innowacyjnych Technologii
IT market Rynku IT
Energy Energetyki
Waste management Gospodarki odpadami
Agricultural and food industry Rynku rolno-spożywczego
Transport Transport
Tourism Turystyka
Military technologies Technologii wojskowych
Medicine Medycyny
Culture and art Kultury i sztuki

The total value of the Polish direct investments in UAE is estimated at 150 million dollar. The Polish companies operating in this region are among others: Librus (oil, gas, construction), Sergas (installation), VTS Clima (geodetic services, air conditioning equipment), MDD (furniture) or Can-Pack (metal packaging), which in 2005, built in the UAE metal cans factory Arab Can. Co.

The range of investments of Polish companies in the UAE:

  • Real estate,
  • Food industry,
  • Food processing,
  • Information technology, telecommunications,
  • Construction,
  • Export,
  • Education and health care,
  • New technologies protecting the environment

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