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    In recent years, the United Arab Emirates has been showing an increasing interest in European market mostly for the reason of superior quality products and services as well as highly developed innovative technologies. In turn, European entrepreneurs have been showing an interest in broadening their business opportunities through the internationalization of the market. Those mutual inspirations for benefits led to the need of creating the entity, third economic force that would facilitate and advance economic cooperation between those two cultures as well as make the communication between them easy.

    Such entities, or third parties the Clusters – bring together enterprises that are operating in the same area and dealing with similar business issues. This proximity enables to reduce the cost, increase production efficiency, get access to highly-qualified human force, as well as combine competences and resources for carrying out joint ventures.

    Emirates & Europe Business Development Cluster was formed in response to the expectations, which have arisen from both sides. It pursues the aim of integrating Emirati and European business environments in all ways possible, through the enhanced modern methods of communication. Being a leader on the market, the Cluster strives to not just maintain the economic progress of two trade giants, but also to create favorable ground for undertaking entrepreneurial profitable ventures. EEBD is a unique entity, which earned its reputation and wide recognition thanks to rich experience, great achievements and extraordinary approach towards all activities taken.

    EEBD is an international cooperation organization, operating as a bridge, which aims at uniting the two sides. Its activities based on associating and supporting member institutions: enterprises, governmental units, researchers and scientists interested in investment cooperation in the field of:

    • Financial products and services,
    • Innovative technologies,
    • IT market,
    • Energy,
    • Waste management,
    • Agricultural and food industry,
    • Real estate industry,
    • Transport,
    • Tourism,
    • Military technologies,
    • Medicine,
    • Culture and art.

    The Cluster comprises of business entities, regional and local authorities, research institutes and consultancy companies, which contribute to the development of its activities. Thanks to the wide range of cooperating entities, the Cluster has free access to market information and economic data, which constitute an essential component of a broad promotion, economic exchange and cooperation in scientific and technical-industrial projects.

    As the coordinator of Emirates & Europe Business Development Cluster, Poland takes care of its proper functioning, assuring adequate information flow between the Cluster Members.

    In 2015, Polish entities took an initiative of setting up another international platform called European Green Technology Alliance (EGTA) for ensuring profitable and comfortable cooperation between European clusters. Its initial objective was to transfer technology between member entities focused on the needs of a modern, sustainable and smart economy. The four complementary activities of EGTA including:

    • European Platform for Technology Transfer,
    • European Database of Technological Experts,
    • European Platform for Knowledge Transfer,
    • European Platform for Exchange of Commodities and Services

    They were introduced to Emirates & Europe Business Development Cluster in order to facilitate the promotion and transfer of technologies, developed by its members.

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